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– Tip #1: Understand the Sexual Marketplace

– Tip #2: Develop your internal game

– Tip #3: Develop your external game

– Tip #4: Build Relationships

– Tip #5: Adapt

Tip 1: Understand the Sexual Marketplace

The dating world is a market. Like any market, participants operate within certain systems [nightclubs, dating apps], engage in procedures [chivalry, seduction], and relate through various social arrangements [hook up, LTRs].

Goods and services are exchanged with each individual seeking personal gain. Traditionally, men seek sex and women seek relationships.

The exchange typically consists of men providing a sense of security in exchange for sexual access and loyalty rights from women.

To do this, men must continuously acquire what women want and then exchange it in a favorable way. Failure to do so and you will be denied participation in the market.

You must understand the sexual marketplace. Fortunately, what differentiates the dating world from traditional markets is that it’s largely unregulated. With the exception of the law, there is no agency or organizational oversight.

As long as you don’t break the law, you are essentially free to exchange resources within the sexual marketplace as you please.

In some ways, it’s the free-est market we have. However, in order to be successful you have to understand both how it works and how you must work within it. Which brings us to tip 2…

Tip 2: Develop your internal game

Internal game, understood as the battle that takes place within the mind and body of the player, is a central determinant of your success in the sexual marketplace. This cannot be overstated.

Too often our clients come to us with the goal of getting a partner and want nothing more than quick-fix easy strategies such as pick-up lines. The problem with quick-fix strategies is they produce fleeting results.

For example, a well executed pick-up line may get you a phone number or date, but your deep rooted insecurity, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs will inevitably sabotage you.

Women are superior in their ability to see through inauthenticity. You will be tested. If you are weak or inconsistent it will be evident and you will be denied entry.

This is why the key to building your game is contingent on your ability to develop a strong internal game. You must focus your efforts on cultivating character traits that you can rely on.

This is why Magnetic Behaviour prioritizes self-development in our coaching services. Through our work we have identified several internal components that, if developed, will position you to be a successful player in the sexual marketplace.

Tip 3: Develop your external game

So you’ve taken the initial steps in your journey to becoming a champion in the dating game. You’ve studied the marketplace through helpful courses and materials []. You’ve taken several
1-1 sessions with an experienced dating coach and worked on your internal game [].

You’re confident, strong, and resilient. But you have no idea what to say or how to act when that 9 you previously drooled over finally agreed to meet you. You need to work on your external game.

External game can be understood as the application of internal game to the sexual marketplace. This is where you take those inner qualities you’ve developed and apply them to the marketplace through a series of words or actions engaging your target.

The goal here is to demonstrate inner game as it relates to the marketplace.

For example, after that 9 agrees to meet you. Do you arrive early to illustrate your demand and appreciation of respect? Or, do you arrive late to demonstrate flexibility and showcase your abundance mindset?

In either case, how do you respond when she comments on you being early or late? Do you apologize and risk seeming weak, or do you remain resolute to maintain power at risk of seeming unaccommodating? Your actions, words, and body language will have a resounding impact on your success.

You must develop your external game.

Tip 4: Build Relationships

It’s widely accepted that relationships are the cornerstone of human experience. The dating world is no exception. In order to be successful you must develop and foster strong relationships.

This applies to the relationships you have with your partner(s), your dating coach, and yourself. Start by prioritizing trust, communication, and respect. Familiarize yourself with conflict resolution so you understand how to
articulate your position and establish boundaries. Develop empathy skills so you can better understand your partners desires and needs.

Build your inner game so learn to trust yourself. When all else fails, including your relationships to the external world, you can depend on yourself to get up back, stand tall, and forge new ones. Nothing is permanent. You must continuously work on improving your relationships
in order to be successful in the sexual market place.

Start by reaching out to our coaches at Magnetic Coaching here:

Tip 5: Adapt

Lastly, you must adapt your learnings to the current environment. Human society is at an inflexion point.

We are in the midst of a digital revolution and liberalization which has transformed the way we think, act, and date. On one hand, these changes have increased access to the dating pool and made sex readily available. On the other, we now have an oversupply of competition, inflated egos, surveillance, and cancel culture.

This is all especially complicated during and following a global pandemic that has made people distrustful, polarized, and yearning for intimacy. However, where there is change there is opportunity.

There are sub-markets opening up within the sexual marketplace. Your key to success is contingent on your ability to understand the marketplace, develop your inner/external game, build relationships and adapt to the world around you. Magnetic Coaching can help you do this. Start now.

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