About Me

Learn from the dating mistakes I have made in the past! My insightful dating & confidence coaching programs will empower you with the skills and techniques you need to be successful in dating and love.

I remember growing up and entering the 'dating phase' of life and feeling very frustrated at my failure and disappointments. I simply could not converse charismatically or effectively with the quality women I wanted! I had no confidence meeting women.

I was filled with self-doubt, insecurity, resentment and my mind was consumed with completely incorrect information surrounding the "tricks, tips, techniques" to gain affection and attract women to build solid relationships.

I reached a point in my young life where I was determined to completely overhaul my entire dating approach. I began reading, learning and taking the courses in basic relationship psychology, effective communication, charismatic public speaking, spiritual and personal growth, and even comedy!

These courses left me rich with knowledge about many diverse factors of interpersonal relationships and insight into the woman's mind, however, they were costly and time-consuming. Soon I realized that I'd spent over $100,000 to attend these seminars, enroll in promising programs and sign up with the most powerful world-renown coaches to conquer my fear of public speaking and social interaction.

I found that I was now empowered with confidence and the ability to suavely approach women and make a genuine connection. I was no longer the guy who lost the girl!

I quickly applied the knowledge and skills I'd gained and started dating regularly and breaking my old patterns. This was a huge growth opportunity for me and I found that I no longer needed to settle for less than what I wanted and deserved. You too can break the cycle of dating disappointment and navigate all of the potential pitfalls with confidence and style and success.

I undertook a 7-month-long intense coach training in Landmark Worldwide. I can proudly say that I am among the 20% of attendees who actually complete this course successfully! I even went as far as to coach the program twice wherein I had the profoundly unique opportunity to coach a well-established, esteemed life coach in Calgary.

It is because of these transformative experiences, that I truly know that coaching is my gift and my calling! I have helped many hopeless men who came to me, desperate, facing the same relationship obstacles and dating failures. I gave them the tools and insight that I gained in my own learnings to produce the most incredible results that they were only dreaming of! My dating & confidence coaching programs proven to work! You too can be next.