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How To Flirt & Tease The Right Way

Flirting and teasing are essential parts in creating attraction when on your date. When flirting and teasing the right way, it makes the conversation more personal, intimate and interesting.

,Most men have the wrong idea about how to flirt or tease, and so they don’t actually flirt or tease. Now, you will learn what it is flirting and teasing and what is the different between them.


We Are Different
To start, most men when interested in a girl, showing too much interest, and the problem is if you do that, then you’re probably giving your power away, often times you’re just giving girls compliments, you’re just telling girls how much you like them. You’re making it very obvious you want them. You’re killing any sexual tension, or making it actually very boring for them on the other hand.



When I tell guys to flirt or tease, a lot of times what I’m seeing is people are confused, as to exactly what that means, and this was a little surprising to me. When I say tease, people don’t know what that means, when I say flirt, people don’t know what that means. I’m gonna define for you exactly what teasing and flirting are, and I’m going to show you a very simple way for how you can take basically take any statement and turn it into a tease or flirtation.


The difference

What this really comes down to is, where is the statement aimed. If your statement is aims generally out at nobody, it’s just a statement. Now, if the statement is aimed at a particular person, it’s potentially a tease. If a statement is aimed at the relationship between two people it’s potentially a flirt. Alright, now the key prerequisite for all of this though, is that it have to be playful or insightful communication.



So I’ll give you an example if you were to say; that’s a funny thing, that’s just a statement. That is just a statement, it’s not a tease and it’s not a flirt. But, if you say; “wow you’re a funny person”. For making that statement, now that is a tease. It’s up to you whether that’s a nice tease or a mean tease, or what you want to say, but it is a tease.


If you go one step further, you say; “wow you’re a funny person, I don’t know if we’re gonna get along”. Now it is a flirt. So when it was just a statement about the general you know what occurred in the world it’s just the statements. When it’s about a person it’s now a tease, when it’s about two people’s relationship between each other, especially if you’re one of them and it’s you know a man and a woman there it’s becoming much more of a flirt.


The Bottom Line

OK, and that’s what it’s really about. The nice thing about this is just about any kind of statement you’re gonna make, any observation you’re gonna make, you can take that statement and you can make it a tease very very easily. If you have a tease, you can make it a flirt very very easily just by adding on to it.



Here’s another example; “that’s a very weird thing I saw now”, I’m making this very generic, by the way, I’m making it very generic so that it’s clear and easy to implement. Obviously you’re gonna hopefully have more interesting things to say than that’s very weird. But let’s just take something basic that’s a very weird thing, okay.



Cool, now if you take that and you take that same idea you are a very weird person for doing that thing. That’s the same idea but you’ve made it about the person, you’re a very weird person for doing that thing, and I don’t date very strange people. now it’s become a flirt so you see this format write statements make it personal, make it about the relationship. And, the nice thing is you can do it after the fact. That’s a very weird thing that you’ve chosen to do, and it reflects on you, and makes me you know less aroused by you.



The Key

Flirt, flirt, flirt… So after every single statement it’s very very easy you can just add something on to make it more man to woman, more intimate to make it flirtatious. There’s really no excuse for not getting out of that platonic zone. Here’s the beautiful thing about it, each of these is less or more risky so if you’re saying the general statement that’s extremely low risk.


Making a general statement if you say the statement about the person it’s a little more risky. And making the statement about the relationship it’s more risky but the beautiful thing is this, when you make one statement, if it’s responded positively it gives you permission to now make the higher statement with very little risk, and if that’s respondents positively gives again you have permission to make the higher statement again with very little risk.



One more, somebody said so they chose a weird travel destination. You’re like; “well, that was a weird travel destination you chose”. And the girls just like; “ha ha funny whatever”. She responded well, and then you could take it up a level and be like; “I’m not quite sure what that says about you as a person”. She said “yeah, I know I know” OK, she responded well to you. “Well, yeah, I don’t know, I thought you’re so cute but now I’m not sure we’re gonna get along”.



Now you’ve gone all the way up the ladder. You’ve had her teased, and you took no risk at all along the way. It’s absolutely beautiful format. But what does it require, it requires you understanding what is it a tease and what is a flirt.



To sum up

Again, a tease is about the person. A flirt is about the relationship once you understand this. All you need is a little bit of balls to take that risk. Even that isn’t so hard because again you can do it the safe way and up the level. Do the safe way first and up the level.


Okay, so with this there’s absolutely no excuse for not making your conversations man to woman. If you want to show a girl you’re interested in her, here’s a low-risk safe way you can do it every single time.

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