How to Tell If a Girl Likes You?

You are out there, going out of your comfort zone, you meet a number of women every week and you left confused with no relationship or dates at all.

What is going on you may think? Some of the women you meet look quite interested, but you never see them again.


OK, let’s talk about how to tell if a girl likes you. We will go through three levels to understand it better.

Important note:

Now, before I will get into those three levels which through I observed women to demonstrate interest in a guy. I want first to mention why girls actually been extra sensible in how they express their interest in a dating scene.


To start, we need to understand it is kind of unfair. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not, I don’t even know and we’re not going there.


If a guy is remarkably skilled with girls and sleeps with many of them, then he’s like a pro, he represents “the man”. He would be walking around, and everybody will high-five him. Like wow, he’s like the ideal man. He’s having so much sex. That’s nothing but how it is. Now on the other side, if a girl has much sex with so many guys, then she is a slut. That’s how society conditioned us to think, and that’s how people perceive it.


I don’t think it’s fair, but that’s how things are. So, when a girl is in the dating scene and if she would show a lot of interest right away, very fast, automatically a lot of guys, a lot of idiots will think she’s a slut. They would judge her right away. Even if a girl really likes a guy and she would show it just the way she feels about him, she would be called a slut.


Now after we got that out of the way, let’s start!

Unclear signals:

First level is when a girl gives you a very subtle signal, which leaves you thinking; she probably isn’t interested. You have to be really good to see those subtleties. Now in many cases a lot of guys won’t see anything and they will eject themselves from the situation. You are hanging out with a girl, and she just shows almost nothing, she’s barely even talking, she’s barely asking you any questions, and you really don’t feel that she likes you.


Why should you keep wasting your time? Who knows, maybe she’s just bored, and she just has nobody to hangout with, so she’s just here with you today.


In this case if you don’t know or see the tiny, small subtleties, she might have been showing. The best indications that a girl likes you, is that she is still there with you. She sticks around you. She’s hanging out with you. She may not show interest, a lot of girls who don’t show interest might be introvert, shy, protective, or just nervous around you or around guys in general. They actually like you but don’t want to show it or they don’t know how to show it. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like you.


If the next day you send her a message and she replies back and you two scheduling the next meetup, then she probably likes you. If she doesn’t reply you know she doesn’t like you and you move on. But you want to test it first before just giving up.

Confusing signs:

The second level is what I call the “mixed signals.” In the mixed signals when she touches her hair, keeps strong eye contact, asks you questions, maybe even like slightly touching you here and there, giggles, laughing at your jokes, close to you. Those are very classic signals that girls show.


Now, at the same time a lot of girls that show you those kind of signs and signals. They at some point she keeps a strong eye contact and laughs at your jokes and suddenly she walks away and talks to her friends. Now she’s not engage with you at all, but then coming back to you so it’s very mixed signals and confusing.


You can see there are some signs and then there are no signs. In that case most of the time, she appreciates you, and just what to challenge you a bit. She doesn’t want to convey it to you very easily, so she would challenge you. Don’t be dis-encouraged when she challenges you, keep it cool and have fun!

Okay, important side-note; if a girl shows you one sign, for instance she touched you once or twice, don’t think of it as “okay, she likes me.” Some girls are very social, and they would be very friendly and very touchy. She might come from a place where it’s how people do it, maybe she has a strong eye contact but it doesn’t mean anything. Look for other signs, if you see her showing many other signs at the same time or within whatever time frame then she probably likes you. Then you want to move things forward.

I like you

And the last level is a very obvious one. Let say you are on a date with a girl and you two having a great time together. She shows you some signs, some signals that she’s interested in you. Now if you do not do anything about it, on one side, the girl can kind of give up on you. Like, “yeah, this guy, I’m showing him all those signs and he does nothing about it.” And she stops showing you all those signs and move on. But if she really likes you, she would show you even stronger signs that she likes you. She could ask you a question like “hey where do you live? Do you have roommates? Are your roommates home?” In this situation if you can’t understand that she want go home with you, you kind of messed up okay.


So some girls when they really like you, they will make sure that you get that they like you. It is your job to do something about it, because if you don’t, they just next time, they’re just not going to answer your phone call or your messages. They would typically think like “I provided him all the encouraging signs he demanded, and he didn’t cause anything about it.”


The best way to go about is wherever you are in any situation with a girl is to assess it. If you carefully test and a girl genuinely cherishes you she will reliably deliver you something. If you don’t examine then you, you properly know, you just go home sad. I would typically try one, two or three times (if it isn’t clear yet) the most and then I’m moving on. At any possible situation you are present, you constantly want to undoubtedly try. Don’t naively assume like “ah she apparently isn’t interested” because you never know.


Some girls who showed me zero signs, and then it turns-out that they wanted me from the beginning. It’s absolutely shocked me at that time. Also, I experienced charming girls that kind of showed me so much signals, and eventually they were just like so friendly. It can sufficiently advance both possible ways.


With the time as you go and practice, you’ll get experience. It would be effortless to spot the signals presented to you when she is interested in you.

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