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Stop Taking Things Personally By a Dating Coach

This is so powerful that if you get it and live by it, you will be so much more fulfilled in your dating life and all other areas of life.


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One of the biggest fears and reason for my clients anxiety is worrying of what others think of them.


So they will tell me things like: “she will think I’m weird, creep”, “She will see how nervous I’m”, “People are watching.” And other versions of that same BS.


Mine was, I didn’t want people to see me talking to a girl and then laugh at me.


We come up with so much nonsense that helps us to not go for what we want. That is why hiring a coach for help with dating or anyone who can call you on your BS is the best way to get fast results.


Before I share with you the key mindset, I carry that helped me to stop worrying about what others think of me, I want to share one more thing.


Today when I have ton of reference experiences in meeting people. I can tell you that some are going to love you so much, and some just won’t.


So, you are the same you. Some would cherish your company, and others just won’t. It means nothing about you. And this actually very good that things are that way. You can’t be loved by everyone.


The hugely important rule to follow here is: Don’t calculate your self-worth and self-esteem from other people reaction to you.




Well, it has been shown many times that we(human) naturally tend to focus on the negative. Even if there is 90% positive in your interaction with a girl, and only 10% negative, most people will typically focus on the negative 10%.


Now, at the same time you don’t what to be overly happy from a positive reaction to you.


Know your value regardless of what happen in any interaction or situation out there.


And still it is always better to focus on the positive, even if there is only 5% positive.


Okay, Here is my mindset(dating coach), which leads me to my way of being, that supports me to not worry about what others think.


For me it all starts with my intentions.


I know my intentions are generous and positive.


I allow my aim to lead me.


Now you need having good intentions for people you are taking with. If you don’t, then don’t talk to them until you realize your honorable intentions.


I sincerely want to make peoples day better. To reliably deliver them a genuine compliment and put a radiant smile on their face. Even if they won’t display any desire to associate with me or be in contact with me after.


I come with good, generously provide value, offer potential friendship. If yes, great. If no, it’s fine too. It is a win-win. You will be shocked by how good you promptly make people feel with a genuine compliment. Some people didn’t hear pleasant words for years and maybe even decades.


Here you go, you have it now.


Go out there a make peoples day!


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