The Art Of Good Sex

Welcome back to magnetic behavior, Dating & Confidence Coach! Today we are going to talk about the art of good sex.


How It All Started..

If you asked me six years ago to write this blog, I wouldn’t even know what to tell you because I didn’t have much sex. In the last six-and-a-half years, I did my homework and I had a lot of experiences. Followed by very very good feed-backs from my sexual partners:  about 80% positive feed-backs.

For example: “oh my god the best ever, number one”. Girls experienced things that they have never experienced before (orgasms). Because of that I feel confident to write this blog for you. I can help you have amazing experiences for yourself and your sexual partner.



Art Of Sex: 6 Steps 

In this blog I’m gonna share with you the six steps for the art of good sex, that if you follow, your sex life will be amazing. You will enjoy it and your partner/s enjoy it. They and you will always want more of it. It will just be awesome experiences for both of you.


Okay so let me get straight into those six step of the art of good sex. Lets dive right in!!


The First Step:


It’s a very important step! It is comfort. So when you are about to get into sex or just hanging with your date, you want to make her feel comfortable. If you are coming to your place or hers, it doesn’t really matter. You don’t want to rush into it too fast.


We are men different from women, as guys we are ready to go right away. We don’t need much time or comfort. Men don’t care for it.


But for women, it is very important. For women to be able to relax, to open themselves up, they need to feel comfortable. That’s a very very very important thing that a lot of guys don’t know. Nor understand. They think like: “oh if you come home with the girl, it’s gonna get done really fast, right away”. NO….


She is going to be like; “what’s going on??”


You have to relax and take it slow. Make her feel comfortable! Hang out, have a drink, show her around, share about some items in your place.


That’s the first step. I think it’s hugely important one.


The Second Step:


The second step is a build-up on the first one. When she’s comfortable and you two spent some time together. You had a conversation, you had maybe a drink, showed her around.


Now she feels comfortable. You two started making out and things starts moving forward.


So the second step is to AGAIN; take things slow. Same thing as with the comfort. No need to rush. Like: ok… ok…fast … fast.. take your clothes off, take everything off fast and kind of go crazy. NO…!!


You want to start slow, so it starts with some play, kisses, with light soft touches of each other. Go and explore each other body. kisses around the neck, on the body, making out and massaging each other. Feeling each other. Enjoying foreplay.


Foreplay build up the sexual tension. Make it a mystery and a deep experience. Enjoy each others company. It’s not just about the sex. Chill, feel comfortable & enjoy the moment, the time together.


The first two steps are crucial to have good sex. I’m sure you can see why!


If you try to skip on these steps, you might still have sex. But it would probably not be good sex. It would be bad sex.


The Third Step:


Third step is what I call: she is first and then you.


What do I mean by that? for us guys we can get into it really fast and come (or ejaculate) very fast. For women, it’s different. They have to build up to it. Their Anatomy of arousal works different than ours.


Most guys, they getting at it super fast and can be over in less than 5 minute. You know the joke that the guy come and go sleep.


So because of that, we are guys, we can get there very fast. A lot faster than girls can. For them it takes time. It could take minimum of fifteen minutes, perhaps twenty or thirty. it’s a slow graduation, but for us we can like boom and done.


You want to focus on her first. You want her to warm up with all the relaxation, and the foreplay.


When you build it slowly and make sure that she enjoyed first. Then you are the second (or together at the same time).


That is very important because you both will get to enjoy the same level and not just you get there very fast and then you kind of done and go to sleep.


The Fourth Step:


Number four is after you work with her and she’s first and she’s relaxed and there was a good foreplay. Now we want to pay attention to what she likes.


I know many guys think the same thing. So if you had experience in sex with a girl, and you did something in a certain way and she enjoyed it so much. Then you like “I know how to do it. I am a master. I can teach anybody.”


That’s simply not true because every girl is different. Every girl reacts to different things and have a different sensitive areas that she enjoyed to be touched at. Or she just enjoys differently.


Pay close attention to see how she reacts to how you do things. Watch when you touch her in certain ways and in certain areas. You wanna see how she reacts to it.


BTW.. it’s okay to ask her what she likes!!!


Because one thing that worked with one girl, no necessarily going too work with another one.


It’s not one-way fits all. You have to be open to adjust, to explore how she reacts to you. When you find those ways and she will show you. While you touching her in the right way you will see her reaction to it. Follow that then. You will know how to give her lots of pleasure.


It is critical for the art of good sex, very important. You wanna pay attention. You don’t wanna be in your head thinking how is your performance. Get present and pay attention.


The Fifth Step:


I call this; “lead but don’t be attached to it, let it flow” Okay, so as a man you want to lead. What I mean by lead? You want to take charge and move things forward.


You don’t want to get stuck in the middle of kind of moving and doing or trying things. It’s unattractive. It’s breaking the flow. Both of you will be self-conscious about it.


When getting this weird moment you get in your head and out of the present. That takes you two away from enjoying. It brings negative energy. As well as some fears.


What to do? You want to be leading, moving things nicely and smoothly forwards. For guys, it’s like you need (or must) know what do to. It’s okay not to know but still do something and own it. Don’t show too much hesitation. There isn’t one way to go about sex.


At the same time what I mean by don’t be attached? Some girls they like to lead as well. So don’t be attached to lead. Keep the ego in place. Let it flow and see how it goes. Don’t get stuck don’t overthink stuff, let it happen. There is no one perfect way how things supposed to go.


Trust yourself that you will do the right thing. Don’t get conscious about “am i doing it right” or “am I doing it wrong”, because if you will; you will be weird. She will feel it and think; “maybe I should feel weird about this as well” or “about something else”.


There is this judgment/evaluation about the situation and it makes you two thinking too much about it. NOT GOOD.


Having sex (the art of good sex) you don’t want to be overthinking stuff. You want to explore, have fun and be in the moment.


The Sixth Step:


The sixth one is probably if I have to choose the best out of the art of good sex, the most important one. I would’ve pick this one. First five steps, I could teach you how to do. I can tell you what to do. And you can go and practice.


The sixth one however, I cannot teach you!


That’s something that you have to discover for and in yourself. The sixth one is your intentions. What are your intentions? I can tell you what are my intentions for women, for my sexual partners. But, I cannot make you have these intentions.


There are some ways of doing and saying things that you cannot learn and mimic. You can’t copy my intentions. It’s coming through my energy. it’s coming through the way I speak, through my eyes, through my demeanor. I cannot give you that.


For me, my intention comes from a win-win mindset. It’s not like; I’m fucking the girl and then it’s just like I’m getting her. furthermore, I’m like; yeah, I won and she lost. NO!


For a lots of men it is like that though. For me it’s about our shared experienced. I wanna make it the best for both of us. I’m trying to make it good and these are my intentions. I want to guarantee that my sex partner enjoys as much as me or even more.


Please Don’t Do it

I’m not trying to manipulate her. I’m not trying to trick nobody. Not trying to just have sex with someone.


Conversely, I want to create a fun experience for both of us, so we will both enjoy, so we will both be happy that it had happened.


You want to find your good intentions before you even meet her. Then during your interactions, sexual experience, and after sex.


You want to keep being congruent and not fake those intentions to get you sex or whatever. You want to find the goodness in you and connect to it.


That’s a very beautiful thing and people can sense it, especially girls can sense your good intentions. Hence, she will be able to open up even more to you and trust you.


The whole experience will be amazing for both of you.


To Sum It Up:


When you follow all those six steps you will get feed-backs like: You are the best one! that’s what I get a lot. Here’s another one: “oh my god.. who are you?”, “what is going on?” what is it all? is it like a dream?


When you follow all those steps it’s very easy to skip quickly to the top. Ninety/eighty percent of men do it in a wrong way.


Everybody think for themselves. How to pleasure themselves. Not much thinking about how pleasures the other one. Having bad intentions. Manipulative intentions that comes across as a turn off.


You don’t give and then you don’t get. Therefore, other person’s feels you trying to get something from them, and then they are not opening up and not giving you anything back. It’s this bad situation everyone uncomfortable in.


Sex might still happen, your ego will be happy. However, it’s not real, authentic, pure, fun and it’s definitely not the art of good sex which is memorable. You’ll probably forget about it fairly quickly.


Bonus Point:


Okay, so after you get all those down and you start having those amazing experiences. Both of you are like what the hall is going!?!? So then you want to add some variety. You two will enjoy it. It will be lots of fun. You two want lots more of it. But, as you do it again and again, it loses its novelty.


You want to add variety. Take it out of the room, if the art of good sex was mainly done in the bedroom. Check some other places. Be creative. Above all, make sure both sides are feeling safe, comfortable and at ease with those choices. You don’t wanna any of you to do something you don’t like and comfortable with.


So these are the six steps for the art of good sex with a bonus point!


I hope this blog be used for good. Do good. Create experiences.


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